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Tee Michelle is debuting her first of many children series books, The Adventures of Lil Tonya. Born in Norfolk, Virginia but educated in the District of Columbia, Tee Michelle received her Bachelor’s Degree in 1993 from Bowie State University in Business Management and in 2003 earned a Masters of Education from National Louis University. Tee Michelle has over a decade of experience in the public and private sectors of education.


As an educator, Tee Michelle observed that students learn when they can make personal connection to instructional experiences. She further realized that phonemic awareness skills were academically less than proficient amongst many students, thus causing reading to be intimidating. “It is my belief that if we teach students sounds and basic phonemic awareness rules, we can develop a nation of students who will become great readers because they will have the necessary tools to decode all words, thus building confidence, increasing vocabulary and provoking comprehension skills.”


Tee Michelle is declaring war on reading illiteracy in America and providing children quality books of characters who look like them, dress like them and live in communities like theirs on the covers of books. Help Tee Michelle to give back to her community and declare war on reading by purchasing and reading a book to a child today! Discussion questions and supplemental support are also available here for parents, as well as teachers.


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